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Hello World: Internet Plumbing & Data Conservation

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

This is a quick introduction to my new "Network Defense Blog"

network defense blog by Brandon Hitzel


So I decided to start a blog. It seems so cliche when i think about it, but it also makes so much sense from a career standpoint. Instead of just making diagrams and lab up new technologies, I can create blog posts centered around them and add value to the industry or to individuals just as others did to me when I was starting out. I remember googling non-stop during my initial CCNA studies to find whitepapers and posts about how to configure this or why this might not be working. It helped out a lot back then. I hope I can add value to whomever might find my posts and help those who need it just as I once did (and like other still often do).

I plan to mainly focus on networking, cybersecurity, and other related topics. However it will likely also include some industry related news and commentary as I read multiple news outlets on the daily. I'll be posting network diagrams for design scenarios or labs, templates or related documentation others can use, study/certification content, upcoming technologies, and news articles.

I see a lot of blogs mainly showing how to configure a certain technology or on entry level topics, so I will try to have some depth or advanced topics eventually. My top objective will be to create new content I haven't encountered which will have the biggest impact on helping others. My post schedule will be at least once a month, but my goal will be 2-3 posts per month.


What is "Internet Plumbing & Data Conservation"

I've often heard of the term "Internet Plumber" used when referring to network engineers and some might argue it is true when speaking of pure transport A-B networking. In addition politicians have often used the term "series of tubes" to describe the internet which plays into that saying even more. As far as "Data Conservation" that is purely a play on words which I thought out while plugging away into the thesaurus in order to come up with a title. (To the uninitiated it means protecting data in a cyber security sense.) Over the course of my time posting I'm sure we will talk about keeping the bandwidth pipes clean and how to provide some protection to the data sitting on the fields of hard drives and traveling within the tubes.


The name Network Defense Blog

I've always enjoyed topics related to defense and the military. From studying historical battles of the Romans or watching history channel when I was younger, the evolution of defense has interested me. As we navigate this blog's road map of networking, cyber security, and defense I will attempt to spin a different angle utilizing my defense and technical knowledge.

You might see a lot of stock photos overtime while reading my blog. This is purely due to budgetary decisions and the need for filler content.


Lastly, I appreciate anyone who has helped me on my journey and hope to return the favor to others. Please subscribe to the mailing list so you can 'stay converged' and get the latest notifications, this will also be where I eventually plan to share exclusive content to only those on the list.

Follow me on twitter @BrandonHitzel to stay in touch.

Thank you and enjoy.




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