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Knowledge is power - lots of links

Here is a large list of technology links I have bookmarked over time.

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. "

Links, links, and more links

Over the course of time you begin to realize there isn't enough time to learn or even read everything. Like I've mentioned before I feel it is good to try and give back and share as others have to help me. Below is a list of content mainly focusing on networking and network security but with other things mixed in. I hope you find some of the content helpful. Let me know what you found useful.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any organization, entity, or person linked below. Use any programs and/or view content at your own risk.


Cool stuff:

Internet checking site -

Internet checking site -

Internet checking site -

Network Automation with Ansible -

BGP Reports -

CIDR Report (long standing BGP site)

cool cyber attack map -

ddos map -

another cyber attack map -

ESnet Energy science network -


RIPE Network Coordination Centre -

dev stuff -

portable tool (haven't purchased) -

Lookups -

AFA CyberPatriot Website -

submarine cable map -

NTT Internet BGP Visualization -

diagram site (have purchased content)

North American Network Operators Group -

Radio Frequency Reference Database -

network meetup (have not attended) -

free online chess -

create your own country -

Computational Knowledge Engine -

manual search site -

IT disaster relief -

Space networking -

Cyber alerts DHS -

URL checker -

Palo alto URL checker -

sometimes they have good ebook deals -

BGP looking glasses -




Free stuff:

linux security focused -

whitebox OS -

linux -

linux -

network bandwidth measurement tool

nuttcp performance measurmenet tool -

Free SFTP and FTP client for Windows -

pfsense based firewall -

WAN optimizer thingy -

everyday tool -

free SNMP network monitor -


Information related:

Internet engineering task force -

VyOS Wiki

IEEE digital library -

Cisco Design zone -

Juniper Tech library -

database for computer hardware -

Learn the law of the land -

online tech directory -

Library of congress -

excellent resource of content- (free after sign up) -

RFC Index (master list) -

country IP address blocks -

Cisco Feature Navigator -

Nation standards publications -


Cryptocurrency related:

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations -

cool storage wallet (easy to use) -


Education related:

good practice/study stuff - network automation courses

top down network design book -

vendor neutral wireless certifications -

vendor neutral security certifications -

vendor neutral security certifications - (related to SANS)

Penetration testing certifications -

vendor neutral security certifications -

Cisco small business device emulators for practice -

networking lab (haven't tested this) -

cisco certifcations -

juniper learning portal -

free switch lab -

security challenge labs -

vendor netural IT certifications -

training provider -

security training provider ($$$) -

training provider -

video training provider -

what a resume should look like -

juniper certifications -

palo alto networks education -

free cyber security training -

Free Drum and Bass Radio (good for study) -



GNS3 community -

solarwinds community -






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